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Dood Guardian Program

Dood Guardian Program

Because the environment and a healthy family surrounding each mama dog is so important; we began our Dood Guardian Program in 2016.

In order to give our mama dogs the best possible home, it is important for us as breeders to limit how many dogs we personally have in our home.However, in order to save the world one Doodle at a time as a breeder, we need to continue, evaluate, and add quality bloodlines into our breeding program. We like to keep a few of our pick puppies to monitor their growth and development, and some of these puppies fit into our breeding program. We prefer to place these pick puppies in guardian homes. And because a Doodle needs to be integrated into a family to develop to their fullest potential, this is why we started our Dood Guardian Program.

We are giving the dog to a guardian family to raise, love and keep as a member of their family. This program allows local families an opportunity to own one of the best Doodles available without paying for it. In exchange for no payment, the mama dog will be bred within the contracted terms. The family must be approved as a guardian home and agree to abide to our contract. Allowing Mama dogs the best of both worlds with their families until they deliver and then coming to the perfect safe place to welp (dog labor) their litters back at our home.

Dood Guardian Homes must abide by the following:

– Live within 120 minutes from Athens, Geogia

– Own their home

– Not get mama dog spayed until determined date

– Have their own car to transport the dog

– Prior experience of dog ownership

– Be willing to crate and house train the puppy into dog adulthood

– Be able to afford and provide required high quality food, heartworm/flea/tick prevention (chosen by Downeast Designer Doodles)

– Get all regular vet checks along with vaccines

– Be prepared to have their own vet listed as a reference

– Fenced backyard to contain puppy, or willing to adequately supervise puppy at all times while outside

– Be available to drive dog to and from our farm for breeding and whelping

– Keep communications open during fertility and pregnancy period

– Allow mama dog to move to breeders home 1 week prior to the expected due date and stay until the last puppy is adopted out or when 10 weeks; whichever is sooner (visits welcome)

This is just a brief overview of our program. If you would like to join the Dood Guardian Program and feel that you meet the above criteria please fill out and submit our application form and specify that you are interested in the Guardian Program.