At Downeast Designer Doodles we believe in the healthiest dogs possible! So when we came across the NuVet brand, it was less about our “breeding” business; but more for the love for our personal animals and wanting them to be a part of our family for as long as possible. And we strongly believe that this is something we can provide our pets to ensure the healthiest and longest lives possible. So we are passing along what we’ve learned and bought into for personal animals onto our puppies and want to educate their adoptive families.

All of our dogs are on NuVet supplements. Our expectant moms are increased to 2 a day (kind of like a prenatal supplement for expectant moms) and until she weans her puppies. We begin all of our puppies when they transition to dry food from nursing beginning at 4 weeks of age on a daily supplement. Our personal older/retired dogs also receive joint support along with their daily supplement.

NuVet Labs has been helping pets thrive since 1997 by manufacturing the highest quality pet supplements available.

Every puppy is born with an immature immune system that is constantly challenged by the stress of a new home, separation from their mother, and exposure to bacteria in an unfamiliar environment. NuVet Plus is a superior immune system support supplement that provides everything your new puppy needs to grow into a healthy adult! The perks of NuVet for your puppy:

Strengthens their immune system
Use NuVet Plus wafers as a treat replacement!
Supports a healthy cardiovascular, digestive, and overall system.

Help keep your new family member healthy for only .52 cents a day!

NuVet Labs Autoship Program*
Receive a 15% discount off every order of NuVet Plus
You choose how often you want to receive
Make changes or cancel at any time, for any reason with no fees

NuVet Plus Dog Wafers:
3 Month Supply – (90ct serving of NuVet Plus wafers = $47.15 ($8.35 savings)
*That’s only .52 cents per day

NuVet Plus Dog Powder:
3 Month Supply – (90ct serving of NuVet Plus powder = $49.65 ($10.85 savings)
*That’s only .55 cents per day

If ordering for the first time, call (800) 474-7044 and use order code 13390 or order online at