My first 8 weeks of puppy life

Just like a newborn baby, I have been growing so fast and changing every day. Seriously, one day I couldn’t open my eyes, and then the next day I could! Then I didn’t want to stop exploring everything I could see!

I have been sleeping in a fully equipped “puppy house” with all the amenities a puppy could ever hope for and that I hope to find at my new adoptive home. I’ve had the luxury of either air conditioning or heat depending on the weather. But no matter the temperature, I’ve never stopped snuggling with my mama and siblings…which I’m really going to miss when I leave.

I’ve had a place designated for me to go potty, which I’ve just begun to remember and still trying to use consistently. I’ve been told it is fake, but my potty spot looks just like real grass, but its actually this stuff called AstroTurf. But whether the grass is real or not, I like to use it because when you gotta go you gotta. So the quicker I’m told the best place to potty at my new home, the quicker I’ll get the hang of this whole potty training thing. I’ve been working on going potty outside, but your home will be all new so taking me to the same potty spot every time will help me remember. A matter a fact, I smell my scent from the last time I went potty, which will train me to go there! I’ll really appreciate your patience with me because I know I’m going to love and want to please you!

Up until this point, I’ve always had endless water available, which I love! I’ve been eating really yummy Victor NutraPro Puppy food twice a day. If you decide to change my food, remember to do so gradually so that I don’t get an upset stomach or diarrhea…which can be a real mess for you and me. When it comes to preventing diarrhea, a pumpkin dog food topper is one of the most recommended.

Please know that moving homes and leaving my family behind is going to be stressful and hard for me; so please give me time to get used to you and your family. Especially before introducing me to your extended family, neighbors and other animals. Also, I’m a baby that requires lots of rest and sleep, so after bringing me home if you can set me up in my own safe space like a den or crate, that will allow me to find peace during this transition. After my car ride home, I’m really going to want a nap! It will be normal for me to sleep a good portion of the day. Just like a baby I will eat, play and sleep in cycles throughout the day. So, even though I’m going to love playing with you and my new family, please give me time to sleep and rest because I’m still growing. Before moving to your home my bedtime has been 7 p.m and I would appreciate a smooth adjustment.

Even though I’m new to everything, I’ve already been on at least 1 field trip outside my home to my breeders veterinarian. I got my first vaccination in a series of 4. I will need you to take me to your vet to set me up for the rest of my vaccinations; especially if you plan on taking me to a kennel, groomer and/or a place with other dogs. In every environment, please protect me from coming into contact with others dogs’ feces or dogs in general that may not be vaccinated. I am very vulnerable at this age and need you to protect me. The slightest change and stress can make me sick, so please don’t hesitate to call my new vet or even my breeder for advice. I’d rather be over protected then wind up really sick.

Also, I am going to need more deworming medicine, because I’ve been told its normal to get those worms in my poop. So please don’t forget to get me the medicine I need to take care of those. I’m sure the new veterinarian you will take me to will take good care of me…but please be sure to take me within 3 days of moving me from my family to double check my health. But don’t worry, my breeder will give you my paperwork with these important instructions so you don’t forget.

You can come and pick me up once I turn 8 weeks old, Happy Birthday to me! I am so excited to meet you! If you don’t mind, please bring with you for my safety a crate, towels and even a chew toy if you want to spoil me! After all, it is my 8 week birthday! But to be honest, I know my best gift is going to be YOU!