Dog Bios

Our Ladies


Name inspired by: Stella McCartney; designer.
Nicknames: Stella Bella & Steala (likes to steal toys)
Family Tree: Goldendoodle (mother, 50 lbs)
Poodle (Cannon, Genetically tested)
Hair: Whitish Blonde, curly
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 50 lbs
Personality: This mama would win Miss Congeniality in a beauty pageant for sure! She is always happy and is as easy going as they come! She has the gift of being very in tune with the emotion and the energy level of people and especially kids around her…and is very is quick to respond with love and cuddles. She is constantly outsmarting the other 2 dogs in her home and will trick them to get what she wants and when she wants it. This girl is definitely a smarty pants; and not just a pretty face. And a pretty amazing mom to her puppies as well!
If I was a celebrity I would be: Sandra Bullock


Name inspired by: Downton Abbey
Nicknames: Abbey girl
Family Tree: F2 Labradoodle
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 50 lbs
Personality: Loyal & loving
Hobbies: Chillin’ with my homies (my family) and loving on my puppies…She’s been a natural mother and has had very calm puppies.
If I were a celebrity I would be: Julia Roberts


Name inspired by: Spice Girls (who doesn’t like Ginger?)
Nicknames: GiGi
Family Tree: Goldendoodle and Labradoodle
Hair: Apricot
Eyes: Amber
Weight: 50 lbs
Personality: Super smart, confident and attentive to details around her. Friendly, obedient and truly an amazing girl! She a natural at hunting and being protective of those she loves around her (especially her puppies).
If I were a celebrity I would be: Geri Halliwell (from the Spice Girls)


Name inspired by: Her hair color
Nicknames: Brownie
Family tree: Goldendoodle/labradoodle and poodle (doubledoodle) = F2B
Perks: Both parents genetically tested
Hair: Chocolate, beautiful curly coat, cafe latte highlights
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 45 lbs
Personality: She loves long walks on the beach and any adventure on a leash! This sweet girl is a fun loving adventure seeker for sure! She has never met a stranger and prefers to call everyone family rather then a friend…she just loves people and other animals.
If I were a celebrity I would be: Halle Berry

(Needing photo)


Name inspired by: The Little Mermaid
Nicknames: Ari
Family Tree: Labradoodle and poodle = F2B
Hair: Blonde, short and curly
Eyes: Hazel
Weight: 45 lbs
Personality: She makes everyone feel comfortable and has been one of the most natural attentive mama’s at Downeast Doodles. She really has the gift to make anyone who enters her home feel loved and welcomed. She actually makes a house a home. She is so very thoughtful and picks up on household energy along with emotions. Her calm disposition is what anyone wants in a mama dog.
If I were a celebrity I would be: Florence Henderson


Name inspired by: A special education teacher dear to owner
Nicknames: Onion, curly Q (because of her tail)
Family Tree: Goldendoodle/Labradoodle and poodle = F2B
Hair: Apricot
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 35 lbs
Personality: She loves to captivate an audience…and captivated anyone will become by this super sweet, fun loving and friendly mama. Day to day she is the life of the party…until she has a litter of puppies! Then she quickly becomes the most attentive stay at home mama you’ve ever seen.
If I were a celebrity I would be: Miley Cyrus


Name inspired by: Shrek
Nicknames: Gingy
Family Tree: Goldendoodle and Labradoodle = F2B
Hair: Cream
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 35 lbs
Personality: She is bubbly, sweet and everyone’s BFF! She LOVES her toys and has received a Masters Degree in hide & go seek (like, seriously good). This girl is always up for a good time with a smile on her face. She loves playing with her puppies and promotes healthy play among her litters.
If I were a celebrity I would be: Marilyn Monroe

Our Gents


Name inspired by: The cartoon brown teddy bear Paddington
Nicknames: Paddy
Stud Perks: CKC and NAPR registered. Genetically tested.
Family Tree: Australian Labradoodle (origin from Tegan Park)
Hair: Cafe’ Latte in color
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 44 lbs
Personality: He would love to be a tour guide and meet new people and take them to new places! He seriously loves people and is confident that everyone loves him (and everyone does!). He’s a fun dog with such a fun and easy going charm. He swoons the ladies for sure!
If I were a celebrity I would be: Myself. I’m Paddington the cartoon brown teddy bear.

(Working on getting a good/best picture of Paddington)


Name inspired by: Strength & Wisdom
Nicknames: Canny, Cannonball and Baller
Stud Perks: AKC and CKC registered. Genetically tested.
Family Tree: Standard Poodle
Hair: Cafe’ Latte in color
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 45 lb
Personality: He is a dog of many talents and a colorful personality. He loves people, kids and all fellow pets. He is really good with rolling with the flow of the household and his surroundings. If its time to chill; he’s a chiller. If its time to play; he’s got the balls. If its time to speak; his yelp is happy. But he is always ready to be a loyal friend and can keep any secret he is told.
If I were a celebrity I would be: Hugh Jackman


Name inspired by: The Nordic land
Nicknames: Ray Ray
Stud Perks: Moyen mini-Poodle, registered (waiting for exact from Trish)
Family Tree: Standard and mini poodle
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 20 lbs
Personality: Such a fun loving boy! He is wonderful with older dogs, puppies, children and of course of the ladies. He possesses many skills and will show them off any chance he gets. A true lover and not a fighter.
If I were a celebrity I would be: Leo DiCaprio